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At AFR Precision&Technology Co.,Ltd, all of torsion springs are manufactured to customer specification. We do not stock torsion springs due to the variety of different configurations available, but we have the capacity to manufacture torsion springs in a batch size of one, for sample approval or product development to production quantities of over one million. Torsion springs can be manufactured from a variety of carbon spring steels, alloy steels and stainless steels in various grades with a plain, protective or decorative finish depend on customer specification, environmental considerations and cost. 

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We are an ISO 9001:2015-certified fabricator of metal springs for industrial applications. As a torsion spring manufacturer, we craft an expansive collection of round-wire torsion springs. These can be tailored to individual requirements, including double torsion springs, different finishes or custom ends. The ability to produce custom torsion springs that meet your performance requirements is what sets us apart.▶ Tube Bending ▶ Shot-Peening ▶ Coating And Plating ▶ Non-Destructive Examination, or NDE▶ Spring Design ▶ Heat Treating ▶ Passivation ▶ Orbital Welding These springs have legs which take on a significant role within their mechanism. A torsion spring manufacturer can choose to have different types of legs, such as axial, tangential or fixed-assembled and can be single or double-coiled (also known as a double torsion spring) depending on specifications and requirements. When designing a spring, the manufacturer or designer should consider space, load application and friction in order to best serve the purpose and use of the torsion spring. We offer a variety of custom specifications so you can order the suitable torsion spring for your specific needs. From different wire sizes, materials used and even finishes, you can ensure that you are receiving the best possible service and product from AFR Springs. Wire Size:   0.1mm upwards. Material: spring steel, stainless steel, music wire, silicon-chrome, high carbon, beryllium-copper, Inconel, Monel, Sandvik, galvanized wire, mild steel, Tin-plated wire, Oil-Tempered Spring Wire, phosphor bronze, brass, Titanium. Ends: there is a wide variety of end types that can be put on a torsion spring including machine loops, extended loops, double loops, tapers, threaded inserts, hooks or eyes at various positions and extended hooks. Finishes:  Various coatings include but not limited to Zinc, Nickle, Tin, Silver, Gold, Copper, Oxidization, Polish, Epoxy, Powder coating, dyeing and painting, Shot peening, plastic coating Quantities: we can produce large quantities efficiently using modern computer-aided machines also we have the facility to make small quantities of prototypes and samples to specifications.Torsion springs can be manufactured from a variety of carbon spring steels, alloy steels and stainless steels in various grades with a plain, protective or decorative finish depend on customer specification, environmental considerations and cost. We supply torsion springs which have been manufactured on the latest state of the spring forming machines, meaning if it’s possible, then we can make it. If you require any advice regarding spring design or require a quotation, please don’t hesitate to contact us, please send us the relevant drawings, samples or specification and benefit from a same day response, a competitive quotation and short lead times.Torsion springs are manufactured in various sizes from many material types for a wide array of applications. They can also vary in terms of torque generation, with forces ranging from mild to very strong. Miniature torsion springs make it possible to produce the handheld electronic devices people use daily, whereas large ones help drive the industrial applications needed to power societies. ▶ Clocks ▶ Close Pins ▶ Hinges ▶ Counterbalances ▶ Automotive Parts▶ Door Hinges ▶ Mousetraps ▶ Industrial Machinery ▶ Retractable Seating ▶ Ceiling Light FittingsThe torsion springs belong to helical springThey can store&release angular energy or hold a mechanism in place by deflecting the legs through the body centerline axisTypically, the ends of a torsion spring are attached to other components as part of an assembly. When those parts rotate around the center of the spring, it tries to push them back to their original position to exert torsional or rotational force. 

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