Custom chrome silicon suspension springs with shot peened

At AFR Precision&Technology Co.,Ltd,  We leads the way in suspension spring manufacture for the transport industry. We have the capability to manufacture every shape and size of suspension spring for all motorsports including motorcycling, touring and indy cars. Suspension springs are used throughout the automotive sector thanks to their ability to absorb bumps on the road, which enables car manufacturers to deliver a smoother ride for their customers. They are typically used to store energy and release it, absorb shock, or to maintain a consistent force between two contacting surfaces.

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With years of experience developing quality spring products for demanding applications, AFR Precision&Technology Co.,Ltd can deliver custom suspension springs tailored to your requirements. We’re an ISO 9001:2015-certified facility with a comprehensive range of in-house design, engineering, fabrication, and value-added service capabilities.▶ Tube Bending ▶ Shot-Peening ▶ Coating And Plating ▶ Non-Destructive Examination, or NDE▶ Spring Design ▶ Heat Treating ▶ Passivation ▶ Orbital Welding We use the world’s best materials including suspension and valve quality grades of silicon chrome alloys with the addition of vanadium, nickel and molybdenum for high tensile and ultra-high tensile. Valve grade materials are available in super clean, eddy current tested and shaved options. All parts are processed with very close attention to detail and to ensure the optimum in surface residual stress. All our valve springs are shot peening to the highest standards and we can offer nitriding for the ultimate in performance and high fatigue. Wire diameter:   2.4mm upwards Material:  High-strength carbon alloys, chrome silicon steel, 5160 alloy steel, 6150 chrome vanadium alloy steel, Titanium. End Types:  Squared, ground, blunt end, reduced ends (pigtailed) Finishes:  Various coatings include but not limited to Epoxy coating, Painting, Magni coating, Bonderite coating, phosphate coating, Part marking:  Printing Technology, Part stamping, Ink pad printing, Mechanical Etching, Laser Etching printing.Internationally, spring manufacturers have two names for this spring type, suspension spring and coil spring, but despite the different names, they both have the same applications. You will find suspension springs in every road vehicle, from cars to motorbikes and even more industrial or agricultural machinery. Suspension springs are an essential part of the automotive sector due to their application in vehicle suspension systems. They essentially take all the bumps out of the road and give you a much smoother ride.Suspension springs are a key component in your vehicle’s dynamic performance; they can be designed to improve the handling and ride quality along with increasing performance and safety. ▶ High-performance race cars and trucks ▶ Military ▶ Jeeps and trucks ▶ Utility task vehicles ▶  Motorcycles

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